Service generates profit in a rapidly growing market.

We're confident that our real estate investment concierge can help you maximize/optimize profits.
Our unique service offerings extend from purchase to sale, helping clients generate the value they want while successfully increasing their assets. That is the power and the ultimate benefit of our premium services.

Superior consulting

Should you encounter any problems in the process of building your real estate assets, talk to us. Our team is here to help you optimize your return on investment in a way that matches the way you live. Whether you're just getting started or have completed your purchase, you can count on our support.

Superior information

Tap into our unique information networking system and get access to quality properties with high-cost performance. We give our customers priority access whenever assets are liquidated due to bankruptcy, inheritance, or other factors likely to generate a below-market price, or when there is a sell-off due to real estate fund or investment trust issues.

Superior analysis

We prepare and deliver the property management reports you need to track the value of your property and boost the return on your investment--all free of charge. These accurate property valuations help you manage your assets more effectively while giving you the numbers you need to negotiate swiftly when it comes time to sell.

Superior design

Our first-class architects and designers are ready to remodel and renovate older apartments, repairing and adding a fresh look to exterior and interior spaces. We don't just repair old buildings--our goal is to boost value while enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of your properties.

We offer you the support you need.

People invest in property for all kinds of reasons. Whether you're looking for a tax deduction, income stream, or land ownership, we find the right properties and the right purchasing plan to meet your needs and match your lifestyle. Our entire support staff is devoted to maximum customer satisfaction--even after your purchase is complete.

Direct purchasing with zero brokerage fees

A typical real estate purchase goes through a real estate company that takes 3% of the purchase price plus 60,000 yen in brokerage fees. But since we actually sell the properties, our customers can purchase them directly with no brokerage fees added to the contract. Ever.

Stress-free tenant management with empty-room coverage

Regardless of tenant demand, many properties have vacancies due to poor management in the past. We ensure that our clients are able to generate stable income from day one by offering temporary coverage for the rent of any empty rooms that exist when you take possession of the property. You'll also have peace of mind knowing that we take charge of all move-in/move-out procedures, tenant recruitment, and handling of tenant problems or complaints.

Full loans let you invest with little money down

When you buy a property from a standard broker, you're typically asked to pay 15% to 16% of the purchase price upfront. But we negotiate and coordinate with banks to offer you loans on 100% of the purchase price--freeing up down payment capital from the start.

Three-year warranty against defects lets you purchase with confidence

In a typical real estate transaction, sellers who are not in the real estate business are exempt from the responsibility to guarantee against defects. But our clients can purchase with confidence knowing that our three-year warranty covers defect-related repair costs.

Boost property values with our remodeling and renovation services

With the right repairs and upgrades, well-placed properties with low valuation can experience significant jumps in value. Our first-class architects and designers offer remodeling and renovating services that boost the value of older properties. We also offer financing packages on the properties we sell that include renovation fees as part of the purchase price.

See past renovations

Management services for hassle-free ownership

It's common for property owners to want to avoid the daily hassle of tenant management. That's why we offer a full complement of management services upon request--ranging from tenant recruitment and rent payment checkups to contract cancellation and more.

Tenanting, Contractingt

(1) Setting Terms & Conditions
(2) Tenant Recruitment & Background Checks
(3) Contract Signing and Execution as Owners’ Representatives
(4) Changing Locks & Handing Over Keys

Property Management

(1) Rents, Deposits, Misc. Expenses
(2) Delays in Receiving Rents, Notice & Warning Issuing Service, Rent-Collecting & Progress Reporting Service
(3) Rent etc. Remittance
(4) Tenants Claims, Consultations, Repairs etc. Requests for Acceptance, Handling Complaints and Arranging Services.
(5) Defects in Properties Contacting Service
(6) Tenants Violating Contracts, Issuing Warnings, Contract Termination, Renewal Refusal etc.

Dealing with the tenants

(1) Contract Renewal, Terms & Conditions Setup
(2) Rent Renewal Service
(3) Contract Drafting
(4) Money for Contract Acceptance & Remittance


(1) Property Condition Check, Restoration Work, Cleaning Service, etc.
(2) Restoration Work Estimate Inquiries, Costs-Sharing Assessment, Completion Confirmation
(3) Precise Calculation Confirmation of Utility Costs
(4) Precise Calculation Service for Rents & Deposits
(5) Tenant Departure & Key-Handover Witnessing Service

It all starts with a consultationGet complementary advice for a fast-moving market

We offer free investment consultations for interested clients in addition to our seminars. After the consultation, we'll go out and find the properties that are ideally suited to your individual needs. Contact us today to get started.

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